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Summer Camps

Summer camp is designed to give children the opportunity to participate in a variety of activities that explore specific themes in a fun-filled age-appropriate learning environment.

Monday - Thursday     9 AM - Noon (unless otherwise noted)
Ages 3-9    
Cost: $140 per session for four-day camps / $45 for one-day camps


2024 Summer Camp Schedule:

CAMP 1: June 10-13 "FUN with FOOD" (M-Th, 9AM to Noon)

Get your taste buds ready as we kick off our summer camp season! Our junior chefs will enjoy making, tasting, and taking home a variety of yummy concoctions while learning about good nutrition and locally sourced food! Area culinary guests will be here to share their cooking skills!  Aprons and chef hats provided!

CAMP 2: June 24-27 "RACE TO SPACE!" (M-Th, 9AM to Noon)
Ready for liftoff! The camp rooms will be transformed into mission control centers where our aspiring astronauts will learn about the solar system, rocket propulsion, and space exploration. This science and technology camp is sure to ignite your rocket scientist's imagination and interest in outer space.

CAMP 3: July 8-11 "FUN ON THE FARM" (M-Th, 9AM to Noon)

We'll have a barnyard of fun as we roll up our sleeves and engage in all the fun of farming! Our campers will learn about farming, gardening, and how to take care of farm animals. We'll have a chance to be hands-on with some special farm animal guests.

CAMP 4: July 17 "BEACH PARTY" **(ONE DAY 9AM to 1PM - includes lunch)**

An aquatic adventure awaits our beachcombers! Have your camper wear their swimsuit and bring their beach towel for fun water activities! We'll have pools and a giant waterslide set up for outdoor water fun! Kona Ice and Pizza lunch included! Surf's up!

CAMP 5: July 22-25 "MELODY MAKERS" (M-Th, 9AM to Noon) 

Strike up the band! Our junior musicians will learn about musical concepts, as well as a variety of musical instruments. They'll learn about pitch, conducting, rhythm, melody, and movement. They will perform a concert with their fellow musicians! Do re mi fa so la ti do!

CAMP 6: August 6 "SUMMER OLYMPICS" **(ONE DAY 9AM to 1PM - includes lunch)**

Light the torch! Let the games begin! Our young Olympians will feel as though they are in Paris as they participate in our Olympic Games! The campers will exhibit their athleticism and will really shine in our medal ceremony!

To register, please read the 2024 Summer Camp Letter and complete the 2024 Summer Camp Registration Form included in the 2024 Summer Camp Information Packet linked below.


For more information please call 304-395-4311

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